Interview with Liz

Interview with Liz Mason of Let’s Get It Together Professional Organizing

How did you get started in the organizing business?

I think the best way to explain how Let’s Get It Together came about is to share my personal story. In 2006, I was still a newlywed.  My husband, JR, and I had been married for less than a year.  While I was happy with our relationship, the frustrations I was faced with helped me realize there had to be more.  I found myself facing some very difficult challenges, trying to find balance and bring two full households together into one. I’ve always been a rather organized person but these challenges were brand new to me and frankly, I was completely overwhelmed.

As a new wife, a ministry leader, and corporate manager, I tried to convince myself that I had it all, yet working late hours, commuting home, watching TV, paying bills and attending church – only to get up the next week and repeat the same was so tough for me. I desperately wanted to get off what felt like an endless roller-coaster ride.

I remember the night…  (read more)

What is the “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System”?

It is a personal development program designed for Christian women who:

  • Are ready for a change
  • Are excited about letting go of the past and those things that create clutter
  • Want to develop short and long term plans according to God’s purpose
  • See life as an opportunity to invest in the lives of others
  • Are ready to purify their hearts and live their authentic selves
  • Desire to have what really matters
  • Want to create an environment where passion and creativity can thrive
  • Want to establish boundaries based upon the word of God

What makes the “Let’s Get It Together System” different?

The “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System” is a home study course that is packed with information and special tools to help you get organized and simplify your life.  One step builds upon the next to help ensure success. The system includes worksheets, and other discovery tools to support learning.

For many years as a corporate manager and ministry leader I read numerous books looking for ways to improve my work performance and develop my strengths to be more relevant to the people I led and managed. I read book after book, took classes, attended workshops, and worked with business and life coaches. I gathered a wealth of great information and would use a tidbit from here and a nugget from there, but none of these resources truly solved my problems.

Here’s why: After reading the books or completing the courses I would get so excited about what I’d just learned and would set out to start anew.  Unfortunately, there was so much information that I was totally confused about where to start.   Or I would begin applying what I learned, but soon fall back into my same old ways.
While developing the “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System” I knew it needed to contain some very essential components if it was going to be effective in helping women get on course and stay on course…

What are the keys that make this system hugely effective?

Great question, it:

  • Empowers Christian women to realize who they are in Christ
  • Encourages Christian women to simplify their lives
  • Enlightens women to harness the power of imagination and visualize the plan of God
  • Challenges Christian women to purify their hearts
  • Enables Christian women to prioritize their commitments and honor their values
  • Inspires women to discover their strengths and maximize their potential
  • Teaches Christian women to live an authentic life that glorifies God and empower others.

This is a comprehensive program that addresses the total person and the various areas of life that are negatively impacted by clutter.

Liz, why do you want to help?

I know what it’s like to feel defeated by clutter, and disorganization.  I know the freedom of living a fulfilled, clutter-free life that mirrors God’s design for Christian women. I want the same for you. I want to help you get organized so you can know God’s plan and purpose. I want you to live free of the guilt and shame that clutter and disorganization brings.

Helping you allows me to live out my purpose – every day.  That’s why I am passionate about organizing and teaching God’s principles for living.  I am grateful God gave me certain talents, abilities, gifts and skills along with a deep desire to help Christian women “Get It Together.” It was part of His “big picture” plan for my own life. Now I am happier than I have ever been. He has given me the desires of my heart and I’m so grateful to serve.

Who do you work with?

I work with Christian women who need help getting organized and want to find true fulfillment by living their authentic lives. These are women who want to live a life that is pleasing to God. They want to utilize their talents, abilities, gifts and skills to fulfill God’s plan. These wonderful women include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders
  • Business owners
  • Ministry leaders
  • Career women

This list is not exhaustive. So, feel free to contact me if you still question whether the “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System” is the right program for you.

How are you different from other professional organizers?

The entirety of what I do as an organizing expert and certified Christian life coach is based upon love and the inerrant word of God.  I have designed a complete personal development system around the foundational belief that God has a divine purpose and plan for every woman’s life.

My role is to help you navigate your way through the challenges and overcome the obstacles. This system is a type of GPS for Christian women who are struggling to get organized and need help. Thus, I am different from other professional organizers because I focus on working exclusively with the modern Christian woman who is:

  • Unfocused
  • Overwhelmed
  • Disorganized
  • Stressed by the cares of this life
  • Longing for simplicity

While I do offer some of the same services as many professional organizers the services I provide have a completely different focus. What I teach is based upon Christian principles and I teach a system that organizes for internal and external well-being.

What do you feel is your typical client’s prevailing problem?

She is so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for a family and or her career. The cares of daily living keep her so busy that she hasn’t taken time to ask the seemingly profound questions: What is my purpose?  How do I start living it?

What type of clients do you work best with and what is expected of me as a client?

I work best with the Christian woman who is seriously ready for a real change. She has a strong belief that she “Can do all things through Christ” and that “With God, all things are possible.” If you are like previous clients who have had great success working with me then you probably

  • Know you need a change but aren’t sure how to get started
  • Want solutions to help you manage your home better
  • Want to know what your spiritual gifts are and how to use them more
  • Are so tired of saying yes, but you’re not always sure when to say no
  • Are NOT in-love with your full-time job but you fear change
  • Find it easier to do what everyone expects rather than do what you love
  • Have lost your passion and zeal for the future and the things of God
  • Love God and desperately want to get your life back on track

What type of woman is this program NOT going to work for?

This program is structured for the woman who wants to focus on living a life that is pleasing to God. She is sure she wants to make changes in her life based upon the word of God.  While the system would probably work for non-Christian women, it takes someone who is ready to yield to the loving principles of Christ and who wants to experience all God has for them to get the most out of the program.

What results can I expect to receive?

Successful clients who apply the life changing principles taught in the “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System” should expect to experience:

  • Greater sense of purpose and confidence in your abilities
  • A neat and orderly home  that’s clutter free and functions well
  • Calm that comes from an organized and stress free environment
  • Ability to prioritize decisions based upon what you value the most
  • Ability to set effective goals and accomplish them
  • Enthusiasm about having a schedule that works for your lifestyle
  • Stronger understanding of your talents, abilities, gifts and strengths
  • Refreshing confidence and boldness about your benefits as a daughter of God
  • Healthier attitude toward your relationships
  • And so much more

How quickly can I expect to receive results?

The system is structured to help you get results right away.  Remember it’s designed like a GPS, a step-by-step system to get you to your desired destination – a clutter-free, organized life.  Therefore, as you go through each module expect to continuously mark milestones and make progress toward your goals to get organized, simplify your life and glorify God.

How can I guarantee myself that I will finally get organized and truly figure out God’s plan for my life?

The best way to guarantee results is to implement the plan.  Start today and begin your amazing journey.

What is mentoring and how is it different from coaching?

What I do as a Christian life coach, who mentors Christian women in business, is a bit different from life coaching. Like life coaching, I provide support that allows you to experience accelerated growth; additionally with mentoring our focus is mostly toward maximizing your potential in the areas of eliminating physical, mental and spiritual clutter. Our partnership provides accountability, a listening ear, planning and goal oriented sessions around helping you overcome obstacles like fear, self doubt and other life challenges. Our purpose is focused on getting you the results you desire, by helping you get organized, and simplify your complicated lifestyle; so that your life can move forward and glorify God! Mentoring is an ongoing tool that we implement together that empowers you to embrace your authentic self.

What if I want to work with you one-on-one? Is the mentoring program worth the investment?

You decide. How much is it worth to you to:

  • Enjoy an organized home and a simplistic lifestyle that glorifies God?
  • Have an efficient schedule that supports your goals and values?
  • Finally match your dreams, strengths and goals with God’s purpose for your life?
  • Finally have quality time to enjoy your family and friends while maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
  • Enjoy daily devotions that enrich your relationship with God and others?

Perhaps you’re saying:  Okay Liz based upon everything I’ve read and heard about you I’m pretty excited.  I know you are the one I want to work with and learn from. Please tell me, what are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations!  I am so excited for you.  You are about to start a journey that will reward your efforts and challenge your resolve to Get Organized, Simplify Your Life and Glorify God.  You’ll experience a difference that will change the way you view things and find encouragement to achieve more than you ever thought was possible. It is my honor and joy to serve you.


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