Company Values

My Promise to You: As President of Let’s Get It Together Professional Organizing, my commitment to you, our client, is to honor our core values by living our WOMEN SERVING WOMEN Principles:

1. Leadership: Provide guidance and direction to women who aspire to live an organized and simplified life that glorifies God.

2. Humility: Unpretentiously provide solutions and resources where change is needed in order to effectively serve those whom we were sent to serve.

3. Obedience: Agreement with the Word of God by yielding to the written and perceived will of God.

4. Faithfulness: Demonstrate authenticity and integrity to who God has called us to be when handling adversity and opposition or when celebrating success and victory.

5. Charity: Demonstrate love for humanity, by not judging others or being self-seeking.

These values serve as guiding principles for conducting business with clients, vendors and colleagues. Let’s Get It Together is committed to providing outstanding products, services, and information that will meet needs and also, help build trust and lasting relationships with our clients, friends and online community.

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