Liz Mason is an author; mentor and organizing expert who helps and inspires Christian women to get organized, simplify their lives and glorify God. She is a dynamic motivator who relies on biblical principles to help women tackle internal challenges that lead to external problems, like cutter and disorganization. She loves what she does, and is an exemplary model for the successful “Let’s Get It Together” program she offers today.

It wasn’t long ago when Liz struggled with many of the same challenges her clients encounter. She was discontent, disorganized and distressed. After struggling to find balance in her own life as an entrepreneur, wife, ministry leader and corporate manager, Liz set out to discover God’s divine will. Ultimately, God helped Liz understand that she was disorganized and unfulfilled mainly because she was working her plan, not His.

With God’s help, Liz embarked on a personal development program of change that is the foundation for her successful “Let’s Get It Together Empowerment System.” This innovative approach to personal development is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each individual Christian woman.

Today, as a result of her tremendous journey of growth, Liz enjoys a clutter-free, focused and fulfilled life. She is happier, healthier, and freer to embrace all life has to offer. Best yet? Liz embraces each day with a profound gratitude that she is living her purpose – and loving it.

Liz is available for speaking engagements. Contact her to discuss how she can empower the women in your organization or church to embrace their authentic selves as they kick the clutter habit and balance their busy lives. Your network of women will be glad you did!

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